Fck Student Debt is a special project by Students United to eliminate all of the student loan debt created by higher education institutions in the state of Minnesota and to push federal legislators to cancel student loan debt. The student debt cancellation fund will raise money to pay off people's student loan debt in full. 


We're asking you to give to the fund, contact your representatives, and to join the movement to cancel student debt. Student debt relief applications will open fall 2021 and award winners will be selected through a tiered lottery system in spring 2022. We’ve created an equitable process that will prioritize people who have historically, and continue to be, the most marginalized. Sign-up for our emails to follow our campaign and stay up-to-date. 


Founded in 1967, we are the student association for the 55,000+ Minnesota State university students. We are a 501c3 nonprofit led by a board of directors consisting of the student body presidents from each campus or their designee. We represent and support Minnesota State university students and advocate at a system, local, state, and federal level for higher education policies that make a positive impact for students and communities. 

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